A Tribute: The Art & Science of Building Trust, with Darcy Richie

This week’s episode is very very special to me. It is a tribute to my sister, Darcy Richie, who passed away at the age of 40 in April of this year.

Darcy Richie was the Chief Program and Impact Officer at Generation Citizen. Last Spring, I invited her to join me to talk about two of her many superpowers: the how and why of communication and team-building.

I called Darcy the communication whisperer. She was one of those people who can be in any situation, with any group of people, and find her way to the heart of what they are trying to communicate. She had a unique way of making people feel truly seen and heard – which is really what communication is all about. Most critically for her work, she was able to help others do that for one another.

Darcy spent her career building and sustaining high-impact teams, starting when she was the founding principal of a charter school at the age of 25. She built and managed national teams, and remote teams; Small intimate teams and sprawling layered teams… At the root of it, she was simply excellent at communicating, and at helping build the capacity of those around her to do so effectively as well.

I’m replaying this episode as a tribute to her and her work.