A Bit About Professional Me

Hi! I’m Brooke – lawyer turned nonprofit founder turned impact strategist and coach. I’m an unapologetic strategy geek, 100% Virgo & INFJ, self-professed template queen, and unabashed believer in the power of abundance to help us create true, positive impact in our world.

woman in a black suit holding a coffee cup and sitting on a white couch

My social impact journey has been long and deep. I’ve always loved building things… putting pieces together into something bigger than the sum of their parts. For most of my life, that love has translated into creating and growing high-impact social change movements & organizations.

Over the past 21 years I’ve had so many journeys… I’ve been an organizer, lawyer, nonprofit founder and leader… I’ve been a professor of law, social entrepreneurship, and nonprofit leadership… I’ve been a board member and board officer many times over… I’ve built a successful nonprofit from the group-up, managed a thriving team, and raised millions of dollars to support a mission I believed in. Through it all, what ties my many journeys together, is my deep passion for creating social change.

When I’m not helping my clients & students launch and build exciting, world-changing organizations, I’m usually listening to one of my many favorite podcasts, building couch forts with my husband and sons, or pausing for a moment for a glass of wine, a cheese and chocolate plate, and a new documentary.