Aligned Anchors Bundle

Only when your strategic plan, budget, and fundraising plan "talk" to one another can you grow your organization without overwhelm.

The Aligned Anchors Bundle includes a video workshop (also available in audio), plus three customizable templates that give you a step-by-step process for making sure your strategic plan, annual budget, and fundraising plan are completely aligned.

I Want Growth Without Overwhelm!

This Bundle Will Help You:

  • Clarify your annual strategic goals
  • Leverage your budget to actually help you raise money
  • Develop more effective and coordinated fundraising strategies
  • Get more engagement from your board members
  • Have more powerful conversations with potential donors and funders

You Will Learn How To:

  • Turn your long-term strategic plan into an annual work plan
  • Develop a budget that reflects the true cost of your desired impact
  • Use your budget to tell a story to your donors and funders

Are you ready for easier fundraising, more board engagement, smoother hiring, and easier growth?

I Want To Grab My Bundle!

Comments from people who have used this bundle:

"This training introduced me to the concept of true cost budgeting after years of limiting my budget to what I thought I could raise, and I can honestly say it has helped elevate my organization to the next level!” — Yamilèe Toussaint

"These templates are fire. I opened the file and called out to my wife — Brooke Richie-Babbage for the win! My team and I have never been so much on the same page about our finances - fundraising AND budget. All of it.” — David Hudson

How I Came Up With This Bundle:

The strategies and content shared in The Aligned Anchors Bundle are based on my 20+ years of experience launching and growing nonprofits through deep strategic clarity and alignment.

In addition to raising millions of dollars as a nonprofit founder, leader, and board member, I’ve used the content in this bundle to help hundreds of nonprofit leaders clarify their own strategic direction and fuel their own organizational growth.

The information is clear, easy for you and your team to follow, and can be implemented immediately.

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