Centering Healing Leadership & Wellbeing To Unlock Your Team’s Full Potential, with Nita Baum

Today I’m talking with Nita Baum, leadership coach, teacher, and founder of b-free, a collective of freelancers and consultants that work together to re-envision and re-create the workplace as HealingSpace, where freedom, sustainability, and wellbeing happen for ALL people at and through work, not in spite of it.

Nita has spent the past 20+ years stewarding complex organizations and teams through change and growth. Her first business was a strategy and organizational change consultancy to C-level executive leaders in K-16 education across the US and globe.

What I find fascinating and compelling about what she does now, is that she takes the ideas of organizational design, team building, and culture change – all of the things that make up the interstitial tissue of a well-functioning organization – to the next level.

She is a practitioner of holistic health coaching, yoga as psychosomatic therapy, conflict resolution and mediation, restorative justice facilitation, and psycho-somatic healing + embodied facilitation.

In our conversation, she talks about how she draws on these skills and practices to help organizations and teams deepen their ability to work together and to find joy in their work.

We talk about what she sees as the deep relationship between well-being and human potential, the strategies she draws on to help people and teams navigate conflict, and how organizations can bake healing leadership into the fabric of their work internally and in the world.

Nita is a exciting thinker and creator, and a beautiful person to talk to.