Creating Transformation: A Conversation About Storytelling, Social Justice & Spirituality, with Charlie Vazquez

In this episode, I have a wonderful conversation with Charlie Vazquez. Charlie Vazquez is a storytelling consultant, workshop facilitator, and Buddhist meditation instructor. He’s designed and facilitated multi-sensory storytelling and wellness programs for the NYC Department of Health, New York Public Library, Bronx Council on the Arts, and PEN America, serving LGBTQI youth-of-color, undocumented immigrants, low-income communities, and senior citizens. He uses story to create transformation and lives in The Bronx.

One of the things that I have wanted to talk with Charlie Vazquez about is the relationship between storytelling, social justice, and spirituality. In his work as an artist, and meditation practitioner, as well as as an organizational consultant, he blends these seemingly disparate elements into a single practice.

Charlie and I talk about both the why – why storytelling as a tool for advancing social justice; why the linkage between storytelling and meditation – and the how – how can an organization that is doing high-impact work improve its own storytelling?

The throughline in the conversation is Charlie’s focus on doing work – and helping others do work – that centers our humanity in the work. His storytelling is about centering the humanity of the people impacted by – and stewarding – the work; his multisensory practice is about helping us each connect to our own humanity as a way to move through often trauma and chaos of social justice work.

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