How To Inspire and Motivate People To Take Positive Action, with Abigail Ahoude and Adriana Dakin

For this week’s episode, I reconnected with an old friend from graduate school, Adriana Dakin,  and her business partner, Abigail Ahoude. I’ve been excited to talk with them about ImaginePod, the company that they co-founded to help social impact organizations and movements use cutting-edge marketing strategies and tactics to drive more impact.

Anyone who does social impact work knows that in order to truly have impact – to bring about the change we wish to see in the world – we need to move in concert with others – we need others to take positive action.   Whether it’s signing up for one of our programs, partnering with us to work in a community, signing a piece of legislation, or donating money, joining our board, anything that we do or create is – at its core – rooted in our ability to move people to action. It’s a critical organizational growth skill and capacity.

That’s what Abigail and Adriana do with the organizations that they coach, train and support through Imagine Pod.

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