How To Lead Through Fear & Use Bravery As Fuel For Social Impact


In this week’s episode, I get to have a conversation with someone I’ve wanted to talk with for this podcast for some time: ​​Heather Vickery. Heather is a celebrated public speaker and success coach that inspires audiences and supports others with the tools they need to live empowered, bold, joy-filled, and successful lives. She’s a published author and the host of The Brave Files Podcast.

I’ve wanted to talk with Heather because the core theme of her coaching and work is one that is so central to the conversations about leadership and social impact that I have with the leaders I work with: bravery.

Heather and I have a really wonderful conversation. We talk about the universality of fear, especially in leadership, and how to take power back from our fears, and more importantly, what it means and looks like in practice to choose bravery in response to the myriad challenges that arise in our leadership, and in social change work more broadly.