How to Practice Whole-Self Leadership, with Ana Polanco



I’ve known the incredible Ana Polanco for going on three years now. Ana is an intuitive, international coach, storyteller, and wisdom keeper who helps culturally diverse women and social change organizations find new ways of leading.

One thing that I have come to know and respect about Ana is how authentically she shows up in every space that she inhabits. She is a beautiful case study in how to do and lead deep social change work in a way that is aligned with one’s values, past, and purpose.

I’ve wanted to talk with Ana for this series on sustainable leadership for precisely that reason. Leading from a whole self-perspective requires practice and replenishment.

This is a major theme in our conversation for this week’s podcast. Ana and I get into the nuts and bolts of what it means to move through the world and as one’s whole self, how to reshape our own leadership practices to make them more reflective of our whole selves, and most importantly, how to bring work and lead in ways that refill our cups rather than deplete us.