How To Think About & Practice Liberatory Leadership, with Trish Tchume and Ericka Stallings

Trish Tchume is the Director of Liberatory Leadership Practice at the Robert Sterling Clark Foundation, and Ericka Stallings is the co-ED of the Leadership Learning Community. Together, they co-facilitate the Liberatory Leadership Project, which works to explore, define, and support approaches to leadership development and organizational capacity building that prefigure a world where all of us can thrive.

In this wonderful conversation, Trish and Ericka talk about what it actually means to practice liberation…

We talk about why it’s so important – as a leader – to be intentional about the way that we design the spaces that we are leading – how we use time, how we use language, how we build systems to support our actual values, rather than build the systems we think we’re supposed to have as high impact organizations.

They share the questions that they use to guide their liberatory leadership work – because really, practicing liberation is as much about continuing to ask ourselves and one another the right questions to allow our whole selves to show up in our work.

Finally, they talk about liberated zones – what they are, and how we can each create spaces of liberation in our own lives.

We talk about so many things – the theory, the practice, and how to bridge to two. It’s a conversation with such depth, and exactly why I love doing and sharing this podcast with other leaders.