How To Use Your Digital Assets To Attract – Not Chase – New Supporters & Fans, with Christina Edwards

I have so many conversations with organizational leaders about how social media strategy – especially when it comes to fundraising – can feel opaque – at best. At worst, it can feel like a time suck or even a waste of time – a misuse of limited capacity.

The truth is, not getting smart and savvy about your digital footprint means that you’re leaving money on the table. And when we’re talking about fueling our social impact, we don’t want to leave money on the table.

More importantly, it’s critical to find high-leverage ways of bringing new people into your orbit and activating them as supporters and ambassadors for your cause.

So that is what I’m thrilled to talk with today’s guest about. Christina Edwards is the founder of Splendid Consulting, and she spends her days helping social impact leaders use your digital assets – your website, social media platforms – to add fuel to your fundraising. There is a hard way to fundraise – constantly searching and scratching for each new donor, and then there is the type of fundraising flywheel that you want to set up in which you’re using the assets you have to do some of the heavy lifting for you. You can chase or you can attract.

That’s what Christina and I talk about – how to think strategically about using digital assets to attract people to your cause and get them excited. We talk strategy, we talk tactics – this episode is super juicy and concrete.

So grab a notebook and a pen – I hope you enjoy!