Welcome to our first Mastermind Spotlight! In this series, I’ll be showcasing and celebrating organizations in my Accelerator program – lifting up their mission, their work, and their personal stories of leadership.

It means a lot to me to kick off this new part of the podcast by shining a light on a truly phenomenal organization – STEM From Dance, and a truly inspirational leader – Yamilée Toussaint Beach.

STEM From Dance works to get girls of color excited about STEM through dance by fusing STEMs spirit of innovation and experimentation with the creativity and fluidy of dance.  Their programs aim to amplify young girls confidence and voices as artists, and to show them how they can use their ingenuity and passion as innovators, engineers, scientists and techies.

In this conversation, Yamilée, the founder and current CEO, shares her founding story — how deeply she has been inspired by her father, and how she drew on her experiences as a dancer, as a student at MIT, and as a middle-school teacher to start STEM from dance.  She talk about its vision of increasing the representation of black and brown girls in STEM fields, and their plans for explosive growth as then head into their second decade.

It’s a great conversation and I hope you enjoy it!