This week, I’m thrilled to shine a light on an organization that is truly walking the walk when it comes to living its values. The New Harmony Project – led by Lori Wolter Hudson and David Hudson cares for and nurtures writers to give them the space, time, energy, and inspiration to create works that change our world by interrogating the complexities of hope.

There’s a lot there — what it means to care for and nurture writers, the role of hope in helping to forge a more just and equitable world, and what it looks like in practice to translate a bold and beautiful mission into organizational practices that can actually be used to guide the institution.

In this conversation, David and Lori share how their recent strategic planning process has helped them answer these critical questions, and how it has helped them actually translate their mission and operationalize their values.  It’s a great look into how powerful a good strategic planning process can be, and into how intertwined personal inspiration, strategy, organizational values, and day-to-day operations truly are when leading an organization.