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What they’re saying

Real People. Real Results.


My work with Brooke in the past year has transformed my organization. Over the ten years leading my organization, I have attended myriad professional development experiences and worked with plenty of coaches. Brooke is hands-down best-in-class. Brooke is an excellent thought-partner, knowledgeable and experienced, a big-thinker, and such a pleasure to work with.


Brooke helped me activate and operationalize our strategic vision. Her tools were clear & useful, and importantly, grounded in our DNA as a values-driven organization. She is also thorough, principled, efficient, and committed to your success. As a long-time leader, Brooke has seen it all and none of it phases her. She gets the work done and helps you get *your* work done too.


“As an Executive Director, I am constantly being pulled in many different directions. Brooke’s counsel has been incredibly helpful for me to consolidate an action plan around the many different demands on my time and focus on not only what the right decision is, but what area in my work requires action. Her direct experience has an ED has been invaluable in navigating this role. She helped me find clarity in what steps require next action, while also feeling confident in the decision being made.”