Personal Growth, “Playing Big” & What It Really Takes To Scale

This week I’m talking with Emily May, the co-founder and Executive Director of Right To Be (formerly known as “Hollaback”),  a global, people-powered movement to end harassment.

Emily is an incredibly thoughtful steward of the Hollaback mission, as well as one of the most incredible strategic minds I’ve known.

In this conversation, Emily pulls back the curtain on her strategic prowess. She talks about her growth as a leader against the backdrop of the astounding growth that Hollaback has experienced in the past year: How, as a leader,  to continue to set intentions that allow you to navigate organizational growth, and how to balance vision with responsiveness to a movement or constituency.

She also shares her story of personal growth. She talks about how so much of preparing to scale is about how we as leaders move through the world, about how a readiness to “play bigger” and lead bigger is often so much more about mindset and our own growth edges than we think.

Finally, Emily and I vibe about the deep stuff about leadership. We talk about our shared belief in abundance as a guiding principle, about the power of the law of attraction in leadership, and about our understanding of the special kind of resilience that it takes to lead an institution.