How To Get Your Finance House In Order, with Germeen Guillaume

Let’s face it – numbers can be scary. As nonprofit leaders, how often do you hear how important it is to “know your numbers”? But most of you didn’t get into the nonprofit leadership game with a background in accounting. So instead, you make sure you have a bookkeeper, make sure your books get closed and you track your spending, and MAYBE you get monthly financial reports to review. But you’re secretly faking it until you make it — you don’t really know what it means to build a strong financial infrastructure – who to hire, what to talk to them about, and how to use your finances as a strategic decision-making tool.

Enter Germeen. She’s taken her expertise and passion for accounting and merged it with her passion for social impact organizations and the result is both an incredible company – Virtual Accounting Group (which you’ll hear about) – and a great conversation today.

Germeen talks with us about how to know when to move beyond the bookkeeper, how (and who) to think about hiring, the often unrecognized relationship between fundraising and financial infrastructure – she breaks it all down!

So grab a notebook and pen and settle in with your beverage of choice and enjoy!