A Fun (& Powerful) Cultivation and Network Expansion Activity

A Fun (& Powerful) Cultivation and Network Expansion Activity

Today I talk about a fun cultivation activity that’s easy to pull together and can be done in the waning days of summer to set the stage for deeper engagement and activation this fall.

What is this magical activity? It’s called a Brain Trust.

It’s a stylized and facilitated gathering of experts and advisors that’s brought together to offer strategic guidance and advice in response to a specific organizational challenge or question.

They’re a low-hanging fruit chance to bring together people who are either experts in their field, people who have a unique perspective on a topic,  or just great and creative problem-solvers and strategic thinkers

You get to bring these people into your organization’s eco-system in a structured way, and provide a starting-point for deeper connection and engagement in the future.

I have loved these since I first learned about them 15 years ago! Throughout my leadership – and even as a board member – they have proven to be an exciting and powerful strategic tool –  network building, cultivation, and deepening engagement among existing stakeholders (esp. board members, advisors, and major donors).