How To Turn Your Next Conference Presentation Into An Effective Fundraising Cultivation Opportunity

Brooke Richie-Babbage, host of the Nonprofit Mastermind Podcast shares about turning a conference--presentation into a powerful donor engagement tool

In this episode, I break down how to get the opportunity to speak at a conference presentation to do double duty as a cultivation vehicle also! By focusing on pre-event preparation, engaging interactions during the event, and personalized post-event follow-up, you can transform conference opportunities into meaningful donor engagement opportunities.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to prepare for a conference to maximize donor cultivation
  • Effective strategies for engaging potential donors during the event
  • Best practices for post-event follow-up to build lasting relationships

Key Takeaways

  1. Research Your Audience: Understand who will be attending and what they care about to tailor your message effectively.
  2. Develop Relevant Messaging: Craft presentations that address the specific interests and questions of your ideal supporters.
  3. Engage During the Event: Use interactive elements and connect personally with key attendees.
  4. Prepare a Strong CTA: Offer valuable content that aligns with your audience’s interests to encourage further engagement.
  5. Follow Up Effectively: Send personalized emails and share additional resources to keep the conversation going.

Step-by-Step Process for an effective Conference Presentation

1. Pre-Event Preparation

  • Research Your Audience: Identify key attendees and understand their interests and reasons for attending.
  • Develop Compelling Messaging: Tailor your presentation to address the specific concerns and questions of your audience.
  • Prepare a CTA: Create a valuable offer, such as a PDF or slide deck, that encourages attendees to connect with your organization.
  • Use Social Media: Announce your participation and tag relevant organizations to attract interested attendees.

2. During the Event

  • Engage with the Audience: Incorporate interactive elements like polls or questions to make your session engaging.
  • Connect with Key Attendees: Use tailored talking points to network with the specific people you’ve identified.
  • Include Your CTA: Ensure your call to action is part of your presentation and personal interactions.

3. Post-Event Follow-Up

  • Collect Email Information: Offer a content bonus or request emails to share your presentation.
  • Send Tailored Emails: Follow up with personalized messages to those who showed interest or asked questions.
  • Share Additional Resources: Provide PDFs, video footage, and related articles to your new contacts.
  • Schedule Personal Meetings: Arrange follow-up meetings with high-interest attendees to deepen their connection to your organization.

Resources Mentioned

  1. Donor Attraction Toolkit
  2. Mini-Series on Donor Cultivation
  3. PDF/Slide Deck of Presentation
    • An extended version of the conference presentation, including additional case studies and data.
  4. Social Media Posts
    • Follow up on pre-event social media announcements and engage with those who interacted.
  5. Strategic Plan Document
    • Provides a detailed outline of your organization’s strategic goals and priorities.

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