How To Hire The Right Person Every Time

Brooke Richie-Babbage talks about the secrets of nonprofits finding the right person every time


Welcome to this week’s episode where I delve into the magic of using a hiring rubric in your nonprofit’s hiring process. I’m Brooke Richie-Babbage, and I’ve spent 15 years teaching and perfecting this tool to help passionate nonprofit leaders like you hire the right people every time. A hiring rubric can transform the often chaotic and biased hiring process into one that yields consistent, high-quality results. Today, I’ll walk you through the core elements of a hiring rubric—core competencies, indicators, and aligned questions—and share practical steps to create your own. Whether you’re looking to refine your hiring process or just getting started, this episode is packed with actionable insights.

What You’ll Learn

  • How to define and prioritize core competencies and skills for your organization.
  • The importance of clear indicators for evaluating candidate proficiency.
  • Crafting questions that reveal candidates’ true capabilities.

Key Takeaways

  1. Reduce Bias: A hiring rubric ensures decisions are based on clear standards rather than personal preferences.
  2. Better Hiring Decisions: Clearly defined competencies help identify the best candidates for the role.
  3. Efficient Process: A rubric streamlines evaluations, saving time and reducing confusion.
  4. Consistency: Standardized questions and criteria mean the process doesn’t change based on who is conducting the interview.
  5. Collective Decision Making: The rubric allows for easier collaboration among hiring team members.

Step-by-Step Process to Create a Hiring Rubric

  1. Identify Core Competencies and Skills: Start with a list of essential competencies and skills that reflect your organization’s values and the specific role.
  2. Define Competency Indicators: Specify observable evidence for each competency. What behaviors or actions demonstrate the competency?
  3. Craft Aligned Questions: Develop interview questions that will help you uncover whether a candidate has the required competencies and skills.

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