How Thought Leadership Can Grow Your Nonprofit’s Impact, with Tania Bhattacharyya

In this inspiring and brass-tacks episode, I talk with Tania Bhattacharyya, founder of Lumos Marketing, about the power of thought leadership as a driver of organizational growth and impact.

Tania is the founder of Lumos Marketing, a thought leadership consultancy for social impact leaders ready to stand out as they stand up for their mission. She offers personal brand messaging strategy for LinkedIn along with coaching to dismantle imposter thoughts. She also hosts the podcast The Campfire Circle which explores the idea of replacing the ‘boardroom table’ as the ultimate space of leadership with a campfire circle: a place to share our stories, build inclusive community, and spark visionary ideas.

Tania is a deeply knowledgeable leader in the world of personal brand messaging, and has been reshaping how we understand both the WHY and the HOW of thought leadership. In our conversation, we break down the essentials of effective thought leadership, and map out exactly how leaders can leverage their passion, experience, and credibility to cultivate a vibrant community and drive impactful change.

What You’ll Learn:

  1. How to use personal stories and experiences to inspire change and build an influential platform.
  2. Why starting thought leadership efforts early in an organization’s journey can fuel sustainable growth.
  3. Strategies for leveraging LinkedIn for nonprofit growth and networking.
  4. Practical tips for initiating and sustaining impactful thought leadership in your ecosystem.
  5. Why consistency in messaging and engagement is more important than frequency in building a strong online presence.

If you’re ready to learn how to craft a compelling narrative that resonates with your audience and propels your mission forward, you’re in the right place!

Your Thought Leadership Roadmap: A Step-By-Step Approach

  1. Identify your vision and why for thought leadership.
  2. Research and understand your audience – where they gather and what resonates with them.
  3. Focus on one main idea or story to gain recognition and slowly expand your narrative.
  4. Utilize LinkedIn to connect with potential supporters, volunteers, and board members.
  5. Engage consistently with your audience through storytelling and meaningful content.

Your Thought Leadership Toolkit: Resources Mentioned

  • Lumos Marketing: Tania’s consultancy specializing in personal brand messaging and coaching for social impact leaders.
  • The Campfire Circle Podcast: Hosted by Tania, this podcast explores leadership and community building.
  • LinkedIn: A platform for professional networking and thought leadership.
  • Atomic Habits: A book by James Clear about making small changes for significant impacts.
  • Benevon Model: A fundraising approach integrating storytelling techniques.

Quotes from Tania:

  1. “We define thought leadership as a consistent practice of using our passion, lived experience, and credibility as fuel to build trust and community as we imagine and shape the future together for the better.”
  2. “Storytelling is the only evidence-based approach to breaking down stigma. You can’t argue with someone’s lived experience.”
  3. “Your nonprofit’s work, as amazing as it is, does not speak for itself. You have to speak up for your work and it’s a disservice to your work if you’re not showing up and sharing about it.”
  4. “The real goal of thought leadership is our ability to take a relationship on LinkedIn offline and nurture them into whoever they’re meant to be in our world.”

Quotes from Brooke:

  1. “As a nonprofit leader, the number of times I’ve had to say that perfection is not the expectation. Supporters want to be a partner in your journey.”
  2. “One issue, one point of view, one story can be a better bridge for your audience. Once they’re in your world, you can start bringing in the multi-layers and the multifaceted impact.”

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