How to conduct a “Leverage Self-Audit” for your nonprofit?

Over the past 25 years, I’ve learned that understanding the concept of leverage can mean the difference between sustainable growth and burning out.

In this episode, I explore three areas in which leverage is critical: evaluating your impact, leveraging your network and partnerships, and optimizing your use of resources. I share concrete questions every organization should ask itself in each of these 3 areas, as part of an organizational leverage self-audit process.

What Listeners Will Learn:

  • How to conduct a self-audit to assess and enhance your nonprofit’s impact effectively.
  • Strategies for building and nurturing powerful partnerships and networks to amplify your mission.
  • Tips for optimizing resource allocation to ensure maximum efficiency and impact.

Key Takeaways:

  • The importance of setting clear, measurable goals aligned with your mission and regularly reviewing progress.
  • The value of collaborative relationships and how to engage your network in supporting your goals.
  • Effective resource management strategies to align your nonprofit’s efforts with its most impactful programs.
  • The role of technology and process optimization in increasing operational efficiency.
  • Creating a culture of continuous improvement and strategic thinking within your organization.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Conducting the Leveraged Leadership Self-Audit:
    • Assess your nonprofit’s mission alignment and goal specificity.
    • Evaluate your network and partnership engagement strategies.
    • Audit your resource allocation for efficiency and impact.

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