The Next Normal: An Interview with Robyne Walker Murphy

Join Brooke in a profound conversation with Robyne Walker Murphy, Executive Director of Groundswell, on harnessing the power of art for social justice. In a year marked by challenges, particularly for African Americans, this episode delves into the role of nonprofits in driving societal progress. Robyne shares her insights on the transformative power of love in the African American community, the momentum of youth-led movements, and the potential of art to spark meaningful change. Discover how Groundswell is using art as a tool for social advocacy and why Robyne believes in the unquenchable spirit of social justice movements, despite the turbulent times.

What Listeners Will Learn:

  1. Art and Activism: The role of art in advocating for social justice and systemic change.
  2. Youth Empowerment: How young activists are shaping the future of social justice movements.
  3. The Power of Love in Advocacy: Exploring the impact of love and community spirit in driving change.

Key Takeaways:

  • The critical role of nonprofits in supporting communities during challenging times.
  • Embracing hope and positivity amid adversity.
  • The importance of public art in raising awareness and instigating change.
  • The necessity for systemic changes beyond artistic expression.
  • Strategies for securing more funding and support for small- to mid-sized organizations.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Understanding the Role of Art: Explore how art can be a powerful tool for social change.
  2. Embracing Hope and Positivity: Learn to lean into hope and find silver linings in challenging situations.
  3. Engaging the Youth: Recognize the vital role of young people in advancing social justice causes.
  4. Driving Systemic Change: Identify ways to translate artistic expression into concrete systemic changes.
  5. Securing Funding and Support: Discover effective strategies for obtaining resources for nonprofit organizations.

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