The Next Normal: An Interview with Tene Howard and Zareta Ricks

The Next Normal: Tene and Zareta

Join Brooke in an enlightening episode featuring Tene Howard, Executive Director of the Sadie Nash Leadership Project, and Zareta Ricks, Executive Director of Opening Act. Both leaders share their experiences of stepping into leadership roles amidst the challenges of a global pandemic and racial unrest. This episode is a deep dive into the complexities of leading with no precedent, the emotional weight of leadership, and the journey towards equitable leadership in times of crisis. Tene and Zareta offer valuable insights for anyone navigating leadership roles in these unprecedented times, emphasizing the importance of trust, self-care, and the evolving nature of leadership.

What Listeners Will Learn:

  1. Navigating New Leadership in Crisis: Tene and Zareta’s experiences of stepping into leadership roles during a pandemic.
  2. Emotional Challenges of Leadership: Dealing with the emotional burden and decision-making complexities as a leader.
  3. Equitable Leadership: Insights into leading with equity and empathy in challenging times.

Key Takeaways:

  • The unique challenges of becoming a leader during a global crisis.
  • The emotional toll and learning curve associated with new leadership roles.
  • The importance of trusting oneself and adapting leadership styles.
  • The impact of systemic issues on leadership and organizational decision-making.
  • Strategies for leading with compassion and building connections in a digital workplace.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Adapting to Leadership Roles: Understand and adjust to the dynamics of new leadership positions.
  2. Emotional Management: Learn to navigate and manage the emotional aspects of leadership.
  3. Decision Making: Develop confidence in making decisions under uncertainty.
  4. Systemic Understanding: Recognize and address systemic challenges affecting leadership.
  5. Building Connections: Foster relationships and connections in a virtual setting.

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