Nonprofit Sector Leaders Share Their Predictions for 2024


In this enlightening episode of “Nonprofit Mastermind Podcast,” Brooke brings together a panel of experts to share their predictions for the nonprofit sector in 2024. These thought leaders, each with their unique expertise, provide valuable insights into upcoming trends, strategies, and shifts in various aspects of nonprofit operations. From fundraising innovations to the integration of non-technical talent in nonprofits, this episode is a treasure trove of forward-thinking ideas and practical advice. Whether you’re a nonprofit professional, a volunteer, or simply interested in the future of social impact, these predictions will equip you with knowledge and inspiration to navigate the evolving landscape of the nonprofit world.

What Listeners Will Learn:

  1. Non-Tech Talent in Nonprofits: Discover the increasing importance of non-technical roles in nonprofit organizations.
  2. Evolution of Fundraising: Insights into how engagement-centered fundraising will shape donor relations.
  3. Corporate Partnership Trends: Learn about the future of employee volunteerism in corporate partnerships.

Key Takeaways:

  • Predictions from Diverse Experts: Gain insights from various industry leaders on the future of the nonprofit sector.
  • Strategic Planning for Nonprofits: Understand the importance of being agile and adaptive in planning and operations.
  • Emerging Nonprofit Trends: Stay ahead of the curve with predictions on marketing, growth, and learning development.
  • Maximizing Productivity: Learn about the future of productivity and systems in the nonprofit world.
  • Authenticity and Presence: The role of authenticity and hope in standing out in a crowded and chaotic environment.

Step-by-Step Process:

  1. Gain insights from each expert’s prediction.
  2. Analyze the relevance and potential impact of these predictions on your organization.
  3. Strategize on how to incorporate these insights into your nonprofit’s operations and planning.
  4. Revisit and adjust strategies as the sector evolves in line with these predictions.


  • The Human Stack: Tim Lockie‘s insights on non-tech human roles.
  • Rad Philanthropy: Perry Radford‘s take on engagement-centered fundraising.
  • BridgeRaise: Heather Nelson‘s views on corporate partnerships.
  • Splendid Consulting: Christina Tzavaras Edwards‘ predictions on fundraising and growth.
  • DG Consultancy, LLC: Danielle Gines‘ forecast on programming and development.
  • Kel Haney LLC: Kel Haney‘s fundraising insights.
  • Small Shop Strategies: Rachel Bearbower on productivity and systems.
  • Rhea Wong Consulting: Rhea Wong‘s perspective on presence and authenticity.

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