How To Use Nonprofit Life Cycles To Reflect On The State of Your Organization

Starting this month I’m doing something new! It’s something I’ve been super excited about, and heading into the final stretch of the year felt like a great time to start. Each month, one show/ month will be a solo show where I take a look at some topic, specific to growth stage nonprofits, exploring some aspect of mindset or strategy.

This Month’s Topic: Nonprofit Life Cycle Assessment As A Tool To Guide Growth

As we head into the end of the year and we all begin to explore possibilities for the next, I find that many of the EDs and board members I work with are reflecting on the “state of their organization.”

I was recently asked by a student in my Impact Accelerator about the best way to determine where to focus energies in the new year. The nonprofit lifecycle is one of my favorite tools to accomplish this task.

So this month, my solo show is about the life cycles of a nonprofit, and how to assess – and respond to – your organization’s stage of growth.