How To Build Your Personal Board of Directors, with Lakimja Mattocks

This week I’m talking with Lakimja Mattocks, Chief Equity and Learning Officer at Nonprofit NY, Fundraising Consultant at Cause Effective, and visionary, powerful leadership coach.

This conversation has a different origin than some of the others on this podcast – I was inspired by a very specific event. Lakimja posted on LinkedIn about what she calls her personal board of directors. We talk a bunch about this in the conversation, so I won’t go too deeply into that here, but what I will say is that she wrote with such passion and joy about having this network of people to support and sustain her along her professional journey, that I was moved, inspired, and really interested in pulling back the curtain on the how.

As many of you may have heard me speak or write about in the past, I often reference how important I think it is to build structured networks of support and accountability as professionals. I’ve talked about peer coaching and Masterminds, and Lakimja talks about a related but subtly different – and more expansive – strategy for structuring a network of professional and personal support.

This is exactly the kind of conversation that the Virgo in me loves – a great mix of personal and practical!