How To Lead In A Way That Sustains You

Tune in as Brooke talks about exploring sustainable leadership with insights from inspiring nonprofit leaders in this episode of The Nonprofit Mastermind Podcast

In this episode, I reflect on conversations with inspiring leaders from my Next Level Nonprofit program – we delve into the core of sustainable leadership, exploring how to lead in a way that fuels our passion and honors our whole selves. I revisit dialogues with Kishishana Palmer, Chitra Aiyar, and Reverend Dr. Emma Jordan Simpson, discussing the weight of leadership, the importance of mental health, and sustainability as a value. Join me as we navigate the evolving landscape of nonprofit leadership and discover strategies to create lasting impact in our organizations

What You’ll Learn:

  • How to integrate sustainability into your leadership approach.
  • The importance of mental health in maintaining effective leadership.
  • Strategies for evolving nonprofit leadership post-COVID.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Whole-Self Leadership: Bringing your entire self to your role enhances connection and passion.
  2. Sustainability as a Value: Viewing sustainability as an ongoing process, not just an outcome.
  3. Evolving Leadership Roles: Adapting leadership strategies in response to post-COVID challenges.
  4. Partnership Building: Forming effective partnerships with funders and donors.
  5. Mental Health Awareness: Acknowledging and addressing the mental health challenges in leadership.

Steps to Embrace Sustainable Leadership:

  1. Integrate Sustainability:
    • Embed sustainable practices into daily operations.
    • Regularly assess and adjust strategies to maintain long-term impact.
  2. Prioritize Mental Health:
    • Foster a supportive environment that acknowledges mental health.
    • Encourage open discussions about stress and well-being.
  3. Adapt Leadership Approaches:
    • Stay flexible and responsive to the changing landscape.
    • Embrace new leadership techniques that foster resilience and innovation.
  4. Form Strong Partnerships:
    • Build transparent, honest relationships with funders and donors.
    • Focus on long-term, mutually beneficial collaborations.
  5. Bring Your Whole Self:
    • Stay true to your mission and values.
    • Ensure your leadership reflects your commitment to the work.

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