The 4 Parts of a Good Nonprofit Financial Dashboard

In this episode, I walk through how Key Financial Indicators can serve as a high leverage navigational compass through the murky world of your financial health. Whether it’s understanding your liquidity to seize new opportunities or measuring your mission’s efficiency to ensure alignment with your values, KFIs are indispensable tools.

What You’ll Learn:

  • The role of financial KPIs in navigating your business towards its financial health goals.
  • How to leverage KPIs for strategic decision-making and budgeting.
  • The importance of assessing liquidity, stability, fundraising efficiency, and mission alignment through KPIs.

Key Takeaways:

  1. Financial KPIs are crucial for a holistic view of your organization’s financial health.
  2. Understanding liquidity through metrics like Monthly Cash on Hand can significantly impact strategic spending and planning.
  3. Stability KPIs, such as Reliance Ratios, highlight the risks associated with income concentration from a single source.
  4. Fundraising Efficiency ratios are vital for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of fundraising efforts.
  5. Mission Efficiency, including Program and Personnel/Benefits Efficiency, ensures that spending aligns with organizational values and objectives.

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