Strategy Quick Hit: How To Get Your Time Back: 3 Lists To More Leverage

In this week’s episode, I’m walking through a simple yet powerful activity that’s designed to create clarity about where and how to get more time in your leadership. I’ll walk through each step, but pay close attention to the last one – that’s where the greatest leverage is hidden.  We talk about why and how to remove yourself as a bottleneck in your organization, and how to begin to see where you can find lost hours.  This is a valuable exercise that has saved me HOURS of time, and helped me refocus on the right direction for growth. I can’t recommend it enough!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The high leverage activities to be focused on
  • How to map out your time in a way that gives you insight into hiring, board development, and bottlenecks
  • The power of letting go of the things that are not in your zone of genius


Links Mentioned

Virtual Freedom, by Chris Ducker

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