This 2-hour workshop of 5 micro-workshops are all aimed at helping you create a 3-month summer fundraising plan! Our goal: Help you get ahead of the game and prepare for the 2023 year-end giving season! 

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The 2023 fundraising landscape has changed.

Gone are the days when you can host a Giving Day out of nowhere or whip together a fundraising campaign quickly. What used to take 4-6 weeks in preparation is now taking 8-10.

That’s why we came together to help nonprofit leaders and fundraisers get a jump start on their most profitable giving months now by using the summer season to map out an end-of-year giving plan that will have you saying, “Fundraising is fun!” in no time. 

Rhea Wong

Master the Inner Game: Why your mindset matters for fundraising performance.

Jess Campbell

3 ways to maximize your summer months before EOY giving season

Cindy Wagman

Stop assuming: Leveraging donor meetings to find the right strategy and nail the best messaging to raise more this year-end

Rachel Bearbower

Get your donor database year-end ready: A simple spreadsheet tip to fixing donor names