Spotlight on Drama Club, with Josie Whittlesey

This week I’m sharing a wonderful conversation with Josie Whittlesey, founder, and leader of Drama Club. Drama Club is one of those truly transformational organizations that when you learn what they do, and the real and lasting changes they bring about in the lives of young people, you feel inspired in the true sense of the word.

Drama Club goes deep into the worlds and lives of young people in the NYC prison industrial complex. And uses drama and personal storytelling to unlock and nurture a connection to some bigger vision of what is possible for them and for their lives.

Josie and I talk about her founding story, being compelled to do the work that she does, and the powerful impact that committing to the vision of an organization, and following through on that vision, can have on the people and communities we work with and serve.

I hope you enjoy the conversation.