Spotlight on Global Health Council, with Elisha Dunn-Georgiou

Today I’m spotlighting an incredible, high-impact organization — Global Health Council, a national organization that sits in a really unique intersection within the global health world. They don’t just bring together stakeholders around and across specific health issues — they address cross-cutting issues that really go to the core of strengthening and supporting all of the many individual issues in the space. They make sure the infrastructure, supportive policy, and resources are there to drive consensus, build inquiry and ensure security across the entire global health space – as a whole.

Elisha and I talk about the intricacies of operationalizing a complex theory of change, the importance of engaging in system-level work, and how to think about and define meaningful impact in the advocacy space.  And we talk about the true meaning of health equity, and where GHC is going in the coming years — how absolutely critical Elisha and the GHC members recognize it is for people from every part of the globe being at the same decision-making table and shaping policy together.