Spotlight on True Star Foundation, with DeAnna McLeary-Sherman & Na Tae Thompson

Today I’m showcasing the True Star Foundation, based in Chicago. It’s the brain child of an incredible duo – DeAnna Sherman and Na Tae Thompson.

True Star Foundation’ brings young people deep into the world and business of media production, using media as a platform for giving young people a creative outlet, a belief that their voice matters, and a professional toolbox that can be leveraged their entire lives. Teens not only produce actual high-quality media, including two magazines, a tv show, blog and radio show, as well as media for businesses and corporations, they also they advise and execute business strategy, conduct market research, develop marketing campaigns, and are the ultimate decision makers of the brand and direction of the organization itself.

In our conversation, we talk about how these two ladies came together quite by accident and co-founded TrueStar close to 2 decades ago. We talk about the lessons they’ve learned from founding and building an organization from the ground up, and how they continue to innovate and remain responsive to the changing media sector, and the evolving needs of young people over decades.

It’s a great conversation!