SPOTLIGHT: RaisedByUs, with Jessica Sloan

This week, I’m talking with Jessica Sloan, ED of RaisedByUs.

RaisedByUs has a big hairy audacious goal – one that resonates deeply with me in its power and simplicity: To make the world a better, kinder and more just place.  They are literally aiming to raise as many charitable dollars as possible for global causes by mobilizing the power of individual philanthropy.

What’s super cool about their model is that they leverage the workplace – and workplace giving – to narrow the gap between wanting to give back and actually doing it.  Questions like: How can start ups and emerging companies define the kind of social good footprint they want to have, and then actually build volunteer and giving policies that get them there? What’s the relationship between corporate culture and employee giving? How can you shape one to influence the other? How can companies of all sizes build employee-giving programs that offer authentic and meaningful opportunities for their employees to have an impact on issues they care about?

Ultimately, giving feels good. People like giving. How can we leverage the power of the workplace to help make it easier for people to give to the issues and causes and organizations they care about?

That’s what RaisedByUs tackles. How to leverage our natural instinct to give, and mobilize dollars for good.

In this conversation, Jessica and I talk about the mechanics of partnering with businesses and corporations to do social good, how employee giving can be an important key to helping nonprofits unlock small-dollar donors, and what it really means to be philanthropic.

It’s a great conversation – I hope you enjoy!