The Intersection of Purpose, Gratitude & Finding Your Leadership Flow, with LaFrae Sci

This week’s conversation is with LaFrae Sci, a friend, colleague, and superstar in my Impact Accelerator! LaFrae is an accomplished musician, imaginationist, and Executive Director at Willie Mae Rock Camp, where she created the innovative and transformational Willie Mae Future Sounds STEAM-based curriculum.

I’ve been excited to talk with LaFrae on the podcast for a number of reasons. First, I think that her story of stepping into the ED role at Willie Mae at a time of flux and stewarding the growth of the organization through a pandemic, is instructive and inspirational for other leaders. As I reference in our conversation, the org has grown in budget and impact in the under 2 years that she’s been at the helm, and I’ve wanted to shine a light on her journey and experience as part of a broader dialog opening up and creating transparency about what leadership looks like in practice.

The second reason I’ve been excited to talk to LaFrae is more personal. She and I vibe out via email and on some of our coaching calls, about the role that having intentional abundance and gratitude practices have played in our lives. She leads from a place of abundance and gratitude, and I’ve wanted for a long time to invite her to share what that means in practice, and how those practices have helped her stay grounded and avoid overwhelm during the craziness of these past years.

Finally, I just love shedding light on incredible leaders as part of this podcast, and LaFrae is an incredible leader.