The Mindset & Strategy Behind Creating Content That Propels Your Mission, with Rachel Mills

This week’s guest, Rachel Mills, is the Founder and CEO of Harmony Consulting, and has been on a mission since she was 16-years-old to help others, help others – a personal and professional mission that just really resonates with me. For over a decade now, Rachel’s been working with and creating award-winning campaigns for world-changing nonprofits such as Big Brothers Big Sisters and the United Way, helping them harmonize their fundraising and marketing strategies to create content that really propels their missions forward.

I was excited to talk with Rachel about the nuts and bolts of content strategy for small and emerging organizations – why it’s so important, how to think expansively about the kinds of content your organization can create, the relationship between content and thought leadership and fundraising…. The big picture and the strategy!

And we definitely talked about all of that! Rachel is a master at blending the why with the how – actionable tips grounded in solid context about the reason any of this even matters.

But one reason I love these podcast conversations is that there are multiple layers to most things we do in the social impact world – and what we actually wound up talking about was a deeper conversation about the underlying mindset shifts that come before a leader can really begin thinking about content strategy… we had a generative discussion about how everything that we do with nonprofits, at its core, is about relationships, and about the power of storytelling to build and strengthen meaningful relationships with the people with whom we’re working to create real change in the world.