The Nonprofit Founder’s Journey: A Conversation About Identity, Institution-Building, & Letting Go, with Rhea Wong


Rhea Wong is a recovering Executive Director who now coaches other nonprofit leaders to greater fundraising success. She is passionate about helping leaders to attract resources to fund their work because the world needs so much. When she’s not talking about all things fundraising, she can be seen walking around downtown Brooklyn with Stevie Wonder-dog and possibly performing at a stand-up comedy open mic. She’s recruiting for her next cohort for her Fundraising Accelerator which you can find at The deadline to apply is April 30.

Rhea and I have been friends for close to 15 years – we met when we were baby EDs together, growing our organizations from the ground up, figuring things out as we went along! And now, we are accountability partners – we get to hang out every week – share goals, push each other, coach one another, advise each other on our work and businesses – we’re still figuring it all out as we go along and it’s both loads of fun and extremely helpful to me as a professional.

As part of one of our conversations, we found ourselves reflecting on our past lives as founders and EDs, and the journey that we went on to grow our organizations and to become the people who could lead increasingly bigger, more impactful organizations. We wanted to share our insights and strategies with you.

Resources Mentioned:
Fundraising Accelerator:
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