The Sharpening Your Ax Series: Nonprofit Summer Strategy Sessions


Building A Better Board

August is a great time to slow down, go deep, learn, plan, and prepare for the hustle of the end of the year.  Just like Abraham Lincoln said: “If you give me 8 hours to chop down a tree, I’ll spend 6 hours sharpening my ax,” my goal with this series is to help you sharpen your proverbial organizational ax.

This week, I’ve curated 3 resources that take a look at one of the most important – and also most often under-leveraged – pillars of organizational sustainability: your board of directors.

Tuesday, August 8th

Focus on Growth: Activating Your Board As Partners & Ambassadors

At its best, your board can be an engaged group of supporters, strategic thought-partners, and organizational ambassadors. This audio version of one of my most popular video trainings walks through the why, what, and how at the core of a truly activated, high-impact board.

Wednesday, August 9th

6-Minute Strategy: Increasing Board Engagement

In this audio version of my 6-minute strategy training on deepening board engagement, you’ll walk away with quick, immediately actionable tactics for getting your board members more connected and engaged with your mission and your work.

Thursday, August 10th

Understanding & Practicing Liberatory Governance, with Natalie Bamdad and Ananda Valenzuela

In this episode, I’m talking about an important – and top of mind – question for so many people:  The what, why and how of Liberatory Governance.  I got to have a thoroughly enjoyable and meaty conversation with with Natalie Bamdad and Ananda Valenzuela, of Change Elemental, an organization that partners across sectors to disrupt and transform systems of inequity and create powerful vehicles for justice. We talk about how to think about and understand the true meaning of governance, how to apply liberatory governance practices to YOUR organization, and the actual process that Change Elemental used to experiment with and craft build their governance team.

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