Themes From The Next Normal: How To Build Teams Rooted In Trust

This is the fourth and final installment of my short series revisiting some of the incredible conversations I’ve had with folks as part of my Next Normal series at the beginning of this year. I’ve been struck, as we head into yet another phase of this pandemic, by just how different so much feels different, and yet oddly familiar. It’s like my favorite book from growing up – 100 years of solitude. The idea of time turning in a circle – returning to the same place that is somehow fundamentally and forever altered. So much of our work in the social justice space – so much of our leadership – our goals, challenges, and questions – are familiar, yet fundamentally changed from before COVID.

That is the next normal.

So I’ve wanted to revisit some of the core themes that come up in one’s leadership of a nonprofit through a few different lenses: leadership itself, working with funders, sustainability, and now, building teams.

This week, I’m revisiting two of my most enjoyable conversations – one with my very dear Sister, Darcy Richie, and the other with a dear friend and colleague, Toya Lillard. They share their insights and deep perspectives on how to build and hold high-impact teams that are rooted in – and field by – trust and respect.