Themes From The Next Normal: How To Lead In A Way That Fuels & Sustains

This is the third installment of my short series revisiting some of the incredible conversations I’ve had with folks as part of my Next Normal series at the beginning of this year. As so many of us continue to grapple with the implications of COVID for how we work and how we lead, I wanted to revisit the idea of leadership in this next normal that’s being created.

I call it the next normal because what counts as normal is always changing and evolving, the work of social impact and social justice and leadership and even the structure of nonprofits is evolving and we’re creating the next version of “normal” – hopefully, one with deeper equity and more honesty about what is broken and still left to be fixed in our world.

This week, I’m revisiting some of the most thought-provoking and inspiring conversations I had about leading in a sustainable way – what does it mean and look like to lead in a way that both fuels us and centers and honors our whole selves?

These conversations are with Kishishana Palmer, Chitra Aiyar, and Reverand Dr. Emma Jordan Simpson. We talk about the weight of leadership, the spectre of mental health, and how we can and should think about sustainability as a value rather than an outcome in our lives and in our organizations.