Using The Mechanics of Empathy To Build Culture, with Payal Beri

This week’s conversation is with Payal Beri, CEO, and Founder of RK Empathy. Payal has worn many hats over the course of her professional life – clinical psychologist, leadership coach, and now advisor, consultant, and coach to start-ups and Fortune 500 companies alike – all around this beautiful concept of empathy.  That has been the throughline that ties her many journeys together, and that is what she and I talk about in today’s episode.

More specifically, we talk about empathy as a set of practices that leaders can leverage to build and sustain healthy teams and aligned cultures.

She and have a great conversation about how we define empathy in practice, how we can use the framework of compassion, empathy, and accountability to build strong teams and better understand our communities, constituents, and supporters, and how, ultimately, empathy is at the root of almost everything we do as leaders.