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  • A bit about who I am...

    I’m a lawyer turned nonprofit founder, activist, wife and mom. I love podcasts, cheese plates, and all things chocolate. I’m an unshakable optimist, and my passion is helping nonprofit leaders build organizations that change the world. Want to know more about how I came to do what I do? Check out my About page.

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    I work with nonprofit leaders who are passionate about impact.  My coaching program gives you the plan, playbook, and support to grow your funding, team, board, and impact – without burning out along the way.

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    Whether you’re interested in strategic planning, building your board of directors, or fundraising in a more sustainable way, I’ve got you covered.

    You and your team can use my courses, tools and templates to learn new skills, navigate real-world challenges, and take action right away.

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    The blog is where I offer deeper insights (and resources!) about nonprofit leadership and strategic nonprofit growth.

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